Credit Scoring Advanced

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Get a company's risk score, rating and commercial credit rating in real time

Over 12 pieces of information to determine the probability of default or non-repayment of a loan by a specific Italian company.

Esempio Credit Scoring Advanced

Credit Scoring Advanced provides access to over 12 pieces of information to check the creditworthiness of a given Italian company in real time.

The service includes all the data already present in the Start service, to which is added information on credit rating, commercial credit line and an index to compare the risk level of several companies. It also extends the risk classes available in the response from 3 to 7.

(GET /IT-creditscore-advanced/{vatCode_taxCode_or_id})

The request parameter can be one of:

  • VAT number
  • Tax Code
  • Company Id

In the following request we have used VAT ID as a parameter 12485671007

(GET /IT-creditscore-advanced/{vatCode_taxCode_or_id})

The response contains this information:

  • Company name (organisation_name)
  • Date of request (requested_at)
  • Risk Rating (rating)
  • Risk Score (risk_score)
  • Risk Score Description (risk_score_description)

The maximum amount of credit receivable from a financial institution (operational_credit_limit)Risk severity

  • Tax code (tax)
  • VAT number (vat)
  • Application identifier (id)
  • Company identifier (company_id)
  • Request timestamp (time_stamp)

The data in the response is only an example:

  "data": {
    "company_id": "60d1bfc731177b0a092cdfc1",    
    "operational_credit_limit": "82000",
    "organization_name": "XXXXXXXX",
    "rating": "A2",
    "requested_at": "2024-03-26T10:53:56.299688Z",
    "risk_score": "VERDE",
    "risk_score_description": "inferiore alla media",
    "risk_severity": "30",
    "tax": "12XXXXXXXX7",
    "vat": "12XXXXXXXX7",
    "time_stamp": 1622452306,    
    "id": "6602a94464cff7864a032475"
  "success": true,
  "message": "",
  "error": null


The risk score for this service, as mentioned above, is identified by 7 colours:

  • dark red
  • bright red
  • red
  • yellow
  • green
  • light green
  • dark green

In some cases, such as for discontinued companies, the colour grey (N.D) may be returned.

The rating consists of 9 classes (A1 to C3) and is only available for corporations. The value is determined e.g. by economic variables, sector, presence of negativity.

The Commercial Credit Facility is calculated according to the legal form of the company:

  • For Capital Companies it is based on the Rating and a number of other variables, such as sector, size, assets attributable to the company, tangible assets, historical purchase data, etc.
  • For Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships, the algorithm is based on the company's estimated size, Chamber of Commerce and negativity databases, and a series of variables such as sector, economic categorisation, date of incorporation, number of employees, any debts, company real estate, company productivity, business transactions, etc.

Risk severity, on the other hand, is a risk index, with 1 (low risk) to 990 (high risk), to compare different companies.

There are currently 2 other services available dedicated to credit scoring:

  • Credit Score Start to obtain only the simplified risk score (3 colours)
  • Credit Score Top to also obtain information on credit history, public rating, credit rating and a more detailed profile of the company's economic, income, equity and financial status

The Credit Scoring service is ideal for any company that needs to assess the credit risk of its customers or partners, such as credit institutions, fintech, e-commerce companies (especially those offering payment systems) or companies offering Telco, Leasing, real estate services.

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