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Check the financial status of a company for possible credit in minutes

The report with official data to obtain information on negativity, real estate, company reports, balance sheets and financial status

Esempio Company Report

The company report provides an enriched analysis of the company's financial and asset status and information on the market in which it operates

The report is enriched with information from several official sources and is divided into 16 sections:

1) LEGAL DATA with registered office, legal form, date of incorporation and start of business,
2) CREDIT ANALYSIS with credit quantification, score, financial rating, degree of reliability (sector, company)
3) ACTIVITY with indication of ATECO code, RAE and SAE
4) NEGATIVE SUMMARY with results on protests, prejudices, bankruptcy proceedings and CIGS (Cassa Integrazione Guadagni Straordinaria) measures
5) FINANCIAL and ECONOMIC ANALYSIS with commentary and financial data such as turnover, operating result, ecofin score (if available)
6) DETAIL OF CHAMBER DATA with information such as registered office, PEC, REA, information from articles of association/ memorandum of association. administrative form, company object
7) EXPONENTS and SHAREHOLDERS with information such as role, name and surname, tax code, date and place of birth, co-interests, residence, outcome of protests and prejudicial proceedings
8) SHAREHOLDINGS with information on any shareholdings of the company in other companies
9) BUSINESS NEGATIVITY with details of any protests, bankruptcy proceedings, prejudicial proceedings, C.I.G.S. rulings
10 NEGATIVITY OF EXPONENTS with details of any protests, bankruptcy proceedings, prejudicial proceedings, C.I.G.S. Measures against company representatives
11) OFFICES and ADDRESSES of the company with details on the type of office (e.g. registered office or legal unit)
12) CATASTRAL SEARCH with details of any property in the company's name
13) INTEGRAL BALANCE SHEET with details on 3 annuities
14) STATISTICAL DATA on market, sector, claims history

The report is available in PDF or JSON format

Reports will be provided in white label so you can add company logo, notes/disclaimers, Tulps logo/legal for sale to issue the customised document.

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