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Get the name of any Italian company via API

Full, up-to-date name of any Italian company with city of registered office in real time

Esempio Company Name

The API Company Name service allows you to obtain the up-to-date company name of any Italian company registered in the Commercial Register.

The name service is identified by the endpoint: GET{vatCode_or_taxCode_or_id}

All data is available starting from one of the following parameters:

  • VAT Number
  • Tax Code
  • ID 

(GET /IT-name/{vatCode_or_taxCode_or_id})

This is an example request for the VAT number 12485671007: 

(GET /IT-name/{vatCode_or_taxCode_or_id})

The response returns updated information on the company name:

  • VAT Number
  • Tax Code
  • Company Name
  • City Registered Office
  • Data Update
  • Company Id
"data": [
   "taxCode": "12485671007",
   "companyName": "OPENAPI S.R.L.",
   "vatCode": "12485671007",
      "registeredOffice": {
        "town": "ROMA",
   "creationTimestamp":  1622452306,
   "lastUpdateTimestamp": "1622452306",
   "id": "60b4a85585e34e615c569ef5"
 "success":  true,
 "message": "",
 "error":  null

Company data is provided in real-time.

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