Company balance sheet

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The company's balance sheet is delivered through service within 2 hours and can be requested for any capital company.

The Company balance sheet is an optical copy of the official financial statements presented and represents the balance sheet, financial and economic report of a company.

Esempio Company balance sheet

The company balance sheets available are:

  • Optical Balance Sheet (Last Deposit)
  • Historical balance sheet
  • Balance sheet in XBRL format

The Balance sheet is the set of accounting documents that the company must draw up periodically and submit to the Register of Companies.

The budget consists of three sections:

  • balance sheet (with information such as tangible and financial fixed assets or payables)
  • income statement (with information such as value and costs of production and income and expense)
  • notes to the financial statements (document supplementing the information in the balance sheet and in the profit and loss account)

The data required to make the request are: Denomination / Company Name, VAT Number, Province.

"data": {
   "nome_visura""Bilancio Ottico",
   "nome_categoria": "Camerali",
   "json_struttura": {
    "campi": {
      "$0": {
        "nome": "Denominazione/Ragione Sociale",
   	 "tipo": "denominazione"
,        "null": true,
        "istruzioni": "Inserire la ragione sociale o Denominazione dell`azienda",
   "$1": {
   "nome": "Partita Iva o Codice Fiscale",
   "tipo": "codice_fiscale",
   "istruzioni": "Inserire la Partita IVA o il Codice Fiscale dell`Azienda"           
   "ordine": "1"
   "validazione": "$0 || $1  ",
   "istruzioni": "PHA+UGVyIHJpY2hpZWRlcmUgbGEgVmlzdXJhIENhbWVyYWxlIE9yZGluYXJpYSAtIFNvY2lldCZhZ3JhdmU7IGRpIENhcGl0YWxlIGluc2VyaXNjaSB1bm8gZGVpIHNlZ3VlbnRpIGRhdGk6Jm5ic3A7bGEgPHN0cm9uZz5EZW5vbWluYXppb25lIC8gUmFnaW9uZSBzb2NpYWxlPC9zdHJvbmc+Jm5ic3A7b3BwdXJlIGxhIDxzdHJvbmc+UGFydGl0YSBJVkEgLyBDb2RpY2UgRmlzY2FsZTwvc3Ryb25nPjwvcD4NCg==",
   "istruzioni_ricerca": ""
   "ricerca": "1",
   "prezzo_visura": 0,
   "prezzo_ricerca": 0,
   "hash_visura":    "eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3" },
   "message": "",
   "error": null



What is the Company balance sheet for?

The balance sheet allows you to know the economic and financial status of a company and verify its performance and stability in the last year or one year in particular.


PLEASE NOTE: The value "hash_visura" is used as an example and may not correspond to the indicated visura.

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