Autocomplete (Enterprises)

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Make your customers' company searches easier and more immediate.

Starting from a query it will be possible to offer suggestions of companies with a name relevant to the search.

Esempio Autocomplete (Enterprises)

Autocomplete is a feature of the Search Company service that, given a specific textual search string (query), provides a series of relevant results of companies in real-time.

Autocomplete allows you to search a database of over 15 million Italian companies in real-time and geolocate them within a defined radius.

The search parameters are:

  • query (the term to search for)
  • search mode for the term: starts with (start), contains (contain), ends with (end with)
  • geographical coordinates latitude and longitude
  • radius
  • Catastal Code
  • ATECO Code
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • REA
  • Turnover (min. / max.)
  • Employees (min. / max.)
  • SDI Code
  • Legal Form Code
  • PEC (Certified Email)
  • Tax Code of the partner

The special character '*' can be used as a wildcard to search for strings that start, contain, or end with the specified query.



This is an example of a query with the following parameters:

  • starts with openapi query
  • latitude 13.5478
  • longitude 42.859
  • radius 10000 metres


The response with respect to the previous query presents 3 results with the company id starting with openapi and occurring within 10,000 metres of the point identified by latitude 13.5478 and longitude 42.859.

  "data": [
      "id": "60bf66ea35a4c0041e84826c"
      "id": "56bf66ea35a4c0021e84826f"

      "id": "47bf66ea35a4c0051e84826f"
  "success": true,
  "message": "",
  "error": null


This id can be used as a parameter for other endpoints of the Company service such as Start and Advanced to obtain detailed company information such as VAT number, PEC, Turnover, Ateco, Shareholders, etc.

When making a request, it is also possible to use the 'dataEnrichment' parameter, which makes it possible to obtain in the response not only the ids but enriched data of the companies matching our request:

  • Start: will return for each company corresponding to the parameters all the information of the start endpoint: name, tax code, VAT number, address, location, activity status, sdi
  • Advanced: will behave in the same way as start but will offer enriched information such as PEC SdI code, REA, Legal Nature, ATECO, turnover, profits, employees, shareholders

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