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Find out whether a company is still active or has closed, via API and in real time.

Before starting collaborations and making assessments on any company, first check whether it is still operational.

Esempio Search Company Active / Closed

The service allows you to check whether the company is still active or closed.

The data is available from one of the following parameters:

  • VAT number
  • ID (internal company identifier)

This kind of information is of fundamental importance, especially in the preliminary phase of searching for other companies. In fact, when you are considering contacting a company to start a collaboration or you want to carry out an analysis of its status, the first aspect to assess is whether the company still exists and is therefore operational.
Decisions made subsequently will depend on this.

The Active/Closed Company Search is identified by the endpoint: GET{piva_or_cf}

The response is real-time.

EXAMPLE REQUEST GET /closed/{piva_or_cf}

The call can be made from the VAT number or tax code


EXAMPLE RESPONSE GET /closed/{piva_or_cf}

If active company the response is: "ceased": false

If not active instead: "ceased": true

   "data": {
   "cessata": false
   "success": true,
   "message": "",
   "error": null


Other Endpoints of the Search Company Service

The Search Company service allows through other endpoints to obtain individual information already present in the Search Company Basic and Advance:

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