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Get the CEM of any Italian company in Real-Time via API

Certified e-mail and digital domicile of Italian companies available starting from VAT number or tax code.

Esempio Search Company CEM

The Search Company CEM service allows you to obtain the certified e-mail address and digital domicile of any Italian company registered in the Companies Register in just a few seconds.

All data are available from one of the following parameters

  • VAT number
  • Tax Code

The Search Company CEM service is identified by the endpoint: GET{piva_or_cf}

Data on new companies and the response are provided in real time.

EXAMPLE REQUEST GET /pec/{piva_or_cf}

Here is an example of a call for VAT number 12485671007:


EXAMPLE RESPONSE GET /pec/{piva_or_cf}

The response gives details on the CEM:

   "data": {
   "pec": "[email protected]"
   "success": true,
   "message": "",
   "error": null


The database is complete on all registry services for both companies and sole traders or professionals. The CEM information is 100 per cent aligned for corporations, while due to the non-chameralised nature of this data, there may be gaps for professionals and sole proprietorships (in the order of 12.7 per cent), which may also include legal entities that have not filed this information.

Other Endpoints of the Search Company Service

The Search Company service allows through other endpoints to obtain individual information already present in the Search Company Basic and Advance:

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