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Get the CEM of any Italian company via Real-Time API.

With Openapi you can obtain the certified electronic mail and digital domicile of Italian companies from their VAT number or tax code.

Esempio CEM Search

The "Search Companies" service allows you to obtain information on any company registered in the Register of Companies.

   "data": {
   "pec": "altraviaservizi@legalmail.it"
   "success": true,
   "message": "",
   "error": null

The database is complete with all the personal data services of both companies and individual firms or professionals. The information on the PEC is 100% aligned for joint stock companies while due to the non-chamber variation nature of this data, there may be gaps for professionals and sole proprietorships (in the order of 12.7%) which may also include legal persons who have not deposited this information.

Open API provides different types of search and verification services via API:

1) Search Company Basic
The service allows you - by entering the VAT number or tax code of a company - to obtain the name, city, address, province and zip code.

2) Search Company Advance
The service allows you - through the insertion of search terms such as name or province or VAT number - to obtain a list and the basic data of all the activities corresponding to that term or to more than one inserted term.

3) Search Company Advance VAT Number
The service allows - by entering the VAT number or tax code of a company - to obtain the information required by the basic service (Name, City, Address, Province and ZIP code) plus other detailed information such as REA, PEC, Turnover, Prejudicial.

4) Search Closed Company
The service allows, by entering a VAT number, to check if the company is still active or ceased.

5) Search VAT Group Company
The service allows you to verify the consistency between VAT number and tax code and therefore if a single activity actually belongs to the VAT Group.

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