Subscription: The more you consume, the less you pay

Discover all Openapi subscription plans. Save up to 50%.

  • Author: Alessandro Mollicone
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  • Date: 25/02/2022
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A few days ago we released a new feature: Subscription.

Subscriptions are associated with specific services (e.g. Get Basic Business) and consist of monthly and annual plans, defined by a maximum number of calls.
The plans are designed to offer the opportunity to save money to all our customers. Plans are available from 1,000 calls per month up to 500,000 per year.

Plans for more than 500,000 calls per year are also available on request.

With subscriptions you don't run out of credit and you can guarantee the number of calls you need for your business at a better price than with individual calls. For example, a Get Impresa Base call with a subscription will cost €0.015 instead of €0.05 for a single call.

Subscriptions are addable and for the moment there is no automatic renewal so you can buy the package with the number of calls you need from time to time and make sure you save money on the service.

Subscriptions are currently available for the Search Company (Basic and Advance VAT), Tracking (Anagraphic) and SMS Gateway.

Do you have any doubts or need further information? Contact us via the dedicated form.


Want to discover all available subscriptions?

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Subscription: The more you consume, the less you pay

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