Webinar Real Estate: Facing Real Estate Valuation Challenges via API

Learn how to get the actual and estimated value of a property in our next free webinar

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  • Date: 24/05/2024
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The number of APIs available in our Marketplace continues to grow. The biggest news in recent weeks is that we have published a new API, Real Estate, dedicated to the real estate sector. This will be the focus of our next free webinar, scheduled for Thursday, 6 June, at 03:30 p.m.

Real Estate is the new API that gives you access to the estimated and actual sales and rental values of a given area. It also offers information on demographic features, area characteristics and real estate market trends. It consists of two services - Real Estate Quotations (Square Meter Value) and Real Estate Sales (Real Market Value) - and the response is in real time.

During the webinar Luca Scuriatti, Alessandro Mollicone and Michele Amoruso (CEO, CTO and Developer of Openapi respectively) will show you how Real Estate can solve the main problems in real estate valuation.

These will be the main topics:

  • Introduction to the new Real Estate API
  • Target audience: who are the professionals and companies that can benefit from using this API
  • Main benefits and functionalities
  • Market quotation of a property using an algorithm
  • Access to sales history, market trends and demographics
  • Actual property values with buy/sell data
  • Market value for NPLs and managed portfolios
  • Differences between the API of real bought and sold, required value and simple and historically trended quotation algorithm
  • Practical demonstration of the use of the API

The webinar will last 30 minutes and, at the end, we will answer all your doubts and questions.

Registration is free, register now before places run out!

Webinar Real Estate: Facing Real Estate Valuation Challenges via API

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