Openapi Partner Programme: Attend the Free Webinar

Discover the Partner Programme designed to accelerate your growth. Monday 29 January, 3 p.m.

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  • Date: 17/01/2024
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Openapi's webinar series continues, aimed at familiarising enterprises and professionals with what our marketplace services are, how they work and what opportunities they offer.

Next appointment: Monday 29 January, 3 p.m. on Zoom.

The first webinar of the new year will be dedicated to the Partner programme, Openapi's project addressed to all companies that develop/use APIs, with the aim of helping them to grow and reach new markets.

In particular, speakers Luca Scuriatti and Shaun De Lucia (CEO and Manager of Openapi respectively) will present all the advantages offered by our partner programme.

They will discuss how to:

  • Increase your visibility
  • Gain access to a broad customer base
  • Develop new solutions and services

Directions on how to join the programme will also be provided during the live broadcast.

The webinar will be in Italian. The duration is 30 minutes and it will be possible to ask questions to clarify all doubts.

Don't miss this appointment! Register for the Free Webinar.

Openapi Partner Programme: Attend the Free Webinar

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