Italian 'SDI' connection made easy

A single restful web service to automagically send your invoice to Italian Revenue Agency and legally conserves it for 10 years

  • Author: Simone Desantis
  • //
  • Date: 17/07/2020

No start fees or configuration fees are needed to access to the service: 

  • Register your company
  • Implement the API
  • Recharge your wallet
  • Pay as you go, no limits of use

Check out the documentation and register for free.

Many companies already use the service and we collected many good feedback from real life implementation so we decided to scale up the service and provide it as a pay per use at the incredible cost of 0.10€/invoice.

We send your invoce directly to the italian SDI system providing all the instrument needed to check the answer and correct errors if any, to collect passive invoices (from other companies) and we grant 10 years of legal-proof conservation of the digital document in a certified datacenter. All this features in that small price.

Italian 'SDI' connection made easy

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