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Bazuel deals with the complete development of web, mobile and AI software systems. For the frontend, in the UX/Design phase we provide the customer with a mockup in Figma. Our goal is to achieve the best solution by iterating the result, until we fit the requirements. The UX phase improves all possible interactions. After the design and the UX phases, we develop the system using Angular, React, Astro or Qwik as frameworks. For each one of these development cycles, we prefer to work in sprints of 15/30 days. For the backend, the analysis phase is done together with the customer. It is followed by development sprints, preferring small releases of new features that can bring value right from the first releases. We use the NestJs framework and release everything using dockerized containers that can scale on cloud or on-premise systems. Since the first release, we set up monitoring and backup solutions to guarantee stability and security. For AI projects, we start from a solution developed quickly with the help of external APIs (e.g. OpenAI, or Azure AI) or with custom solutions (llama2, mixtral, vector databases and in general the models available on HuggingFace) and then we engineer the product. When necessary, we provide integration with external solutions (e.g. OpenAPI, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Dropbox, Office, but also specific systems such as TeamSystem, Zucchetti or the Revenue Agency). Some of our recent projects are available on our website

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  • Business Information
  • Ecommerce

Programming languages

  • Javascript


  • Python



  • Openapi System Integrator
  • Frontend development (Angular, React, Astro, Qwik) - Design/UX/Mockup/Dev
  • Backend Development (NestJs, DB Postgres, Google/Aws/Azure Cloud, Docker)
  • AI Development (OpenAI, Custom llama/mixtral/Hugging Face models, Azure API)
  • External Integrations (Google Calendar, Dropbox, TeamSystem, Zucchetti, Agenzia delle Entrate, ClickLavoro)
  • Mobile Development (Flutter, Progressive Web Apps)


  • Italian
  • English

Company headquarters:
via Pavullo nel Frignano, 107b
Rome - Italy

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