Massive CEM

  • Openapi Activation: 24 Hours
  • Openapi starting from € 150,00 + vat

Send large quantities of Certified Email Messages to your contacts via API.

Simple, secure and reliable, Legalmail allows you to switch to a more efficient digital management of communications via CEM and ensures full compliance with regulations.

Esempio Massive CEM

Massive CEM is the service for sending Certified Electronic Mail messages to multiple recipients via API.

  "sender": "",
  "recipient": "",
  "subject": "Invio di prova pec massiva",
  "body": "Salve, questa rappresenta una prova di invio, che prevede un corpo in html",
  "attachments": [
      "name": "allegato1.png",
      "file": ""
  "username": "your_pec_username",
  "password": "your_pec_password"

It is possible to integrate the service through web service to your management, platforms and CRM. Massive CEM does not require the activation of any software and allows you to send PEC messages up to 3500 recipients per day, safely and according to AGID regulations.

Our prices

Price list for single API calls

  • API Massive CEM Standard € 150,00 + vat
  • Cost for sending single PEC (PEC Massiva Standard) € 0,10 + vat
  • Massive CEM Flat € 1500,00 + vat