Legalinvoice Electronic Invoicing Software

  • Openapi Activation : 2 Hours
  • Openapi starting from € 7,50 + vat

Activate via API Electronic Invoicing Software, B2B and PA Legalinvoice for companies, professionals and flat rate providers.

On Openapi you find different solutions, with the possibility to activate, renew, add new invoices or manage the multi-company for intermediaries

Esempio Legalinvoice Electronic Invoicing Software

With Openapi you can activate all Legalinvoice e-invoicing solutions via API in a few seconds.

Legalinvoice enables:

  • The issuing of electronic invoices B2B and PA
  • The sending and receiving of electronic invoices in accordance with regulations via the interchange system (SDI)
  • The automatic storage of electronic documents sent via SDI
  • The digital signature of invoices in fully automatic mode
  • The recording of electronic and traditional active and passive invoices
  • The extraction of accounting summaries
  • The issue of credit notes, pro-forma, receipts and traditional invoices
  • The possibility of sharing data with your consultant or accountant
  • The receipt of new features available in real time

The PRO version also includes

  • Dashboard for control and verification
  • On-time and massive import of XML invoices generated by ERP or ERP systems;
  • Mass export of data and invoices
  • On-time and bulk import of PDF invoices generated by ERP systems (additional service);
  • Possibility to share data with your intermediary (consultant or accountant).

Legalinvoice Go! is instead the Start version optimised for self-employed under the flat rate scheme (RF19) and the minimal regime (RF02) and offers a simplified version of electronic invoice management designed for professionals.

Depending on the type of Legalinvoice, are included during activation or renewal an invoice batch of

  • 200 documents (sent/received invoices, credit notes, etc.) for Legalinvoice Start
  • 400 documents (sent/received invoices, credit notes, etc.) for Legalinvoice Pro and Multiazienda
  • 50 documents (sent/received invoices, credit notes, etc.) for Legalinvoice Go! (flat rate)

Our prices

Price list for single API calls

  • Activation / Renewal of Legalinvoice GO! € 19,70 + vat
  • Activation / Renewal of Legalinvoice Start € 30,70 + vat
  • Activation / Renewal of Legalinvoice Pro € 57,70 + vat
  • Additional VAT number € 27,70 + vat
  • 50 Extra Invoices for GO! € 7,50 + vat
  • 100 extra invoices for Start and Pro € 13,00 + vat