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Integrate the electronic signature into any type of platform via API for only € 0.14.

Offer your customers the ability to sign in seconds and securely with a European certified (eIDAS), ETSI and GDPR compliant solution.

Esempio eSignature API

The API eSignature solution can be integrated into management systems, software and websites to sign orders, quotes, activation requests and contracts more immediately and securely.

The implementation of electronic signatures via API allows you to offer your employees or users a simplified experience of signing any document remotely while guaranteeing security and European validity. In fact, electronic signature is recognized by European Union law through the eIDAS regulation.

1) Electronic Signature Request (POST /firma_elettronica/base)

The solution provides strong authentication through the use of OTP (One Time Password) and serves to increase the level of signature security and further protect signed documents. This is because the phone number is associated with the signer and, thanks to the proof file, allows a specific signer to be linked to the signature of a document.

	"title": "string",
	"description": "string",
	"filename": "fes_{timestamp}.pdf",
	"content": "string",
- 	"members": [
	- {
		"firstname": "string",
		"lastname": "string",
		"email": "string",
		"phone": "string",
		"signs": [
	- {
		"page": 0,
		"position": "10,15,45,35"
-	"callback": {
		"field": "string",
		"url": "",
		"headers": {
		"key": "value"


2) Interface customisation  (POST /firma_elettronica_ui)

Il is also possible to customise the signature interface: you can, for instance, change the colours, add your logo, hide other signatories or allow or disallow downloading of the document. In addition, when the signature process is completed, you can also set a redirect link to a web page.

  "data": [
  "name": "My first template for Signature-UI",
  "description": "Here is the Signature-UI template for Yousign Developers.",
  "defaultZoom": 100,
  "logo": " [...] IwU3i6foIAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC",
  "languages": [
  "defaultLanguage": "en",
  "signImageTypesAvailable": [
  "enableHeaderBar": true,
  "enableHeaderBarSignAs": true,
  "enableSidebar": true,
  "enableMemberList": true,
  "enableDocumentList": true,
  "enableDocumentDownload": true,
  "enableActivities": true,
  "authenticationPopup": true,
  "enableRefuseComment": true,
  "labels": [
      "name": "NAME OF THE LABEL",
      "languages": {
        "en": "Label en",
        "fr": "Label fr"
  "fonts": [
  "style": "Just a CSS string for customize all of our iFrame.",
  "redirectCancel": {
    "url": "",
    "target": "_top or _blank or _self or _parent",
    "auto": false
  "redirectError": {
    "url": "",
    "target": "_top or _blank or _self or _parent",
    "auto": false
  "redirectSuccess": {
    "url": "",
    "target": "_top or _blank or _self or _parent",
    "auto": false


3) Audit Trail (GET /firma_elettronica/{id}/audit)

At the end of the signing procedure, the document will be signed. It is possible to request both the signed document and the copy of the audit trail via API. the document that contains all the information that led to the successful signing. In the event of a dispute, this file will allow for the resolution of the dispute, to technically reproduce each step of the procedure. 

The audit trail contains data on procedure (id, date created, sent and expired), on signatories (name, surname, email, phone number, IP address) < strong>mode signatory authentication (authentication method, sent message and validation time)
The audit trail, as per the regulations, is kept in the original for 10 years.

Do you want an example of how advanced electronic signature via API works? Try the new service directly in your private area , in the section Getting Started > The Sandbox

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