Electronic Invoicing

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  • Openapi starting from € 0,09 + vat

Electronic Invoicing is the process by which you manage the issuance, sending, retention and digital preservation of the invoice document.

On OpenApi you will find InfoCert B2B and PA e-Invoicing solutions for both small and large companies and VAT numbers.

Esempio Electronic Invoicing

On openAPI you can manage the entire Electronic invoicing flow via API while maintaining high security standards.

"aliasFlusso": "string",
"alias_SP": "string",
"nomeFile": "string",
"dati": "string"



With the Electronic Invoicing service you will manage the Electronic Invoicing process all completely via web service and without the activation of specific software at the cost of €0.09 per invoice.

OpenAPI APIs allow interfacing with any type of billing system.

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