Certified e-mail Digital Domicile

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Activate the Certified e-mail (PEC) Digital Domicile via API.

Digital Domicile Mail allows communications and documents to be sent via Certified Electronic Mail with a high level of security and it is ready to be elected as a digital domicile.

Esempio Certified e-mail Digital Domicile

The Certified Electronic Mail @domiciliodigitale.com (Digital Domicile in english) can be activated by private individuals, professionals and businesses and can be used to elect a digital domicile or for everyday activities (e.g. cancellations or condominium communications) and professional activities (e.g. INPS, Resignations, Payroll).

The Certified Electronic Mail (PEC) Digital Domicile has the following characteristics:

  • PEC size: 1 GB Space box and 1 GB security archive
  • Maximum number of recipients for sending: 50 from webmail, 1000 from client
    Maximum Send Size: 30MB from Webmail or 100MB from client*
  • Send and receive B2B and B2C Electronic Invoices via SdI
  • Send contracts and orders
  • Daily report in non-certified email or via SMS PEC received
  • High performance antivirus and antispam
  • Forwarding of non-certified messages
  • Legal value in message transmission
  • Full compliance with current regulations
  • Access and use of webmail through secure channel
  • The possibility of obtaining customisable mail domains
  • On-demand Retention Service
  • Filters to automatically sort messages

*The maximum sending size is calculated as the product of the size of a single message and the number of recipients expected for that message.

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