Verify Insurance

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Discover if any car or motorbike is insured and get real-time insurance details via API.

Starting from the licence plate of a vehicle, you can obtain information such as insurance expiration and the name of the insurance company

Esempio Verify Insurance

The "Verify Insurance" service is useful, along with Auto and Moto Licence Plate Verification, for obtaining detailed information about any Italian car or motorbike.

Specifically, this service allows, starting from the license plate parameter alone, to obtain data related to the vehicle's insurance, namely:

  • whether the vehicle is covered by insurance ("IsInsured")
  • name of the Insurance Company ("Company")
  • policy expiration date ("Expiry")

Verify Insurance is identified by the endpoint GET /assicurazione/{targa}


The starting parameter to make the request is: LICENCE PLATE ("LicensePlate").{targa}



The response, as mentioned above, provides details of the insurance and expiration of the vehicle of interest:

        "data": {
          "LicensePlate": "ZR567ZY",
          "Company": "VITTORIA ASSICURAZIONI",
          "Expiry": "2023-01-08T00:00:00",
          "ExpiryTimestamp": 1673136000,
          "IsInsured": true,
          "Timestamp": 1665411640
        "success": true,
        "message": "",
        "error": null


The response and database update are in real-time. The provided data comes from official sources.

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