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Check the number plates of any bike in real time and via API.

With Motorcycle Number Plate Verification you have information such as the model, registration date and engine capacity of a motorbike from the number plate alone.

Esempio Verify Licence Plates Moto

The Motorcycle (Bike) Number Plate Verification service allows you to obtain information on Italian, French and English mopeds via API. The starting parameter is the number plate.

The result provides accurate and updated data on the motorcycle, such as:

  • motorcycle model ("CarModel")
  • registration date ("RegistrationYear")
  • brand ("CarMake")
  • version ("Version")
  • fuel type ("FuelType")
  • engine size ("EngineSize")

Motorcycle Plate Check is identified by the endpoint GET /bike/{license plate}

For each country, there will be a specific endpoint with the country code:

  • GET /IT-bike/{LicensePlate} per l'Italia
  • GET /FR-bike/{LicensePlate} per la Francia
  • GET /UK-bike/{LicensePlate} per il Regno Unito

The response is in real-time, and the database is also updated in real-time. All data comes from official sources.


The call can be made using the LICENSE PLATE parameter.{license-plate} 


An example response is this, containing all the specifications about the two-wheeled vehicle:

        "data": {
          "LicensePlate": "XX40666",
          "Description": "Yamaha Tracer 700 ABS - 74.8 HP",
          "RegistrationYear": "2017",
          "CarMake": "Yamaha",
          "CarModel": "Tracer 700",
          "EngineSize": "",
          "FuelType": "",
          "MakeDescription": "Yamaha",
          "ModelDescription": "Tracer 700",
          "Immobiliser": "",
          "Version": "ABS - 74.8 HP",
          "ABS": "",
          "AirBag": "",
          "Vin": "",
          "KType": "",
          "Timestamp": 1665411640
        "success": true,
        "message": "",
        "error": null


The service is now available for Italian, French and English number plates and it is also possible to carry out the same check for cars with the GET endpoint /car/{LicensePlate}, for this endpoint data for Germany are also available.

If the vehicle is insured, the GET endpoint GET insurance/{LicensePlate} provides insurance details (name of insurance company and expiry date) for Italy, while for the UK there is an endpoint to check the revision (GET /UK-mot/{LicensePlate})

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