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Get the information of any European company from VAT via API

You can check the existence and basic information of a European company synchronously.

Esempio European VAT

The European VAT service helps you to obtain information about a company, simply indicating the VAT number and the country code of the company itself.

Specifically, the information that can be obtained through the Openapi service are:

  • VAT number
  • Company Name
  • Registered address
  "data": {
    "valid": true,
    "format_valid": true,
    "country_code": "IT",
    "vat_number": "12485671007",
    "company_name": "ALTRAVIA SERVIZI SRL",
    "company_address": "VIALE F TOMMASO MARINETTI 221 00143 ROMA RM"
  "success": true,
  "message": "",
  "error": null

Information is available for all current 27 EU member states and comes from a system of reliable data sources.

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