Tracing a person's assets (top)

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Get the report with reliability, bank reports, domicile, real estate movements, vehicles.

Verify a person's actual financial status enriched with investigative information. All via API

Esempio Tracing a person's assets (top)

The TOP asset tracing report is an information report that allows the verification of a person's wealth status from the tax code.

The report is supported and supplemented by investigative information such as actual residence, domicile, occupation and bank relations.

The TOP report is enriched with information on real estate movements and motor vehicles in the name.

The report consists of the following sections:

  • COMPLETE PERSONAL DATA with first name, surname, citizenship, date and place of birth of the subject, residence and marital status
  • RELIABILITY with creditworthiness indicator
  • EMPLOYMENT PERFORMANCE with information on company and monthly salary. In the case of a pension, the pension provider, estimated monthly salary and any survivor's pension will also be indicated
  • COMPANY OFFICERS with name, registered office, company number, tax code and company activity status
  • SHAREHOLDINGS with name, Tax Code, Shareholding Composition, Summary of Obligations
  • BANK TRANSACTIONS with Bank Name and Address of Office and Possible Financial Availability
  • DETAILS ON PROTESTS with type, in favour of, date taken, amount and reason
  • DETAILS ON PREJUDGMENTS with type of prejudgment, date, amount, subject in favour, conservatory and register
  • NATIONAL CATHASTAL DATA with Property Number, Municipality, Type of Land Registry and Details with Location, Sheet, Parcel, Sub, Category, Class, Consistence, Rendita
  • PROPERTY MOVEMENTS with type of transcription or registration, date, registry, public official, property site, conservatory
  • MOTOR VEHICLES with information such as Owner, number plate, model category, owner from, status and chassis

The report can also be requested without subject proxy and is provided in PDF format. You can customise the report with your own logo and legal wording.

You can also request the TOP supervised asset trace. This is a dossier produced by a more in-depth investigative investigation with enriched data on bank accounts, employment, vehicles, domicile.

Due to this activity, the report may have an average delivery time of 2-3 days longer.

TOP asset tracing is the perfect solution for those who require massive processing in order to decide whether and how to proceed in terms of recovery. Assets tracing TOP Supervised is the dedicated file for those who need to proceed with legal activities, foreclosure recovery.

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