Heir tracing

  • Openapi Delivery : 6-8 Days
  • Openapi starting from € 24,00 + vat

Obtain all data to trace the legal heirs of a deceased person.

Via API you can access the name and residence of the deceased's possible heirs and estate

Esempio Heir tracing

The report is an intestacy information service and makes it possible to trace the first-degree heirs of a deceased person.
It includes the following information

  • Deceased personal data: name, residence, citizenship, date and place of birth, tax code and date of death
  • Civil status and spouse, if any
  • Heirs with data such as name, place and date of birth, tax code, degree of relationship to the deceased
  • Notes with evidence of the investigation
  • Real estate in the name of the deceased with ownership, location, sheet, parcel, subdivision, category, class, size and income

The service is available in both a version without acceptance and with acceptance.
The difference between the two services is that the second report also verifies whether the heirs have accepted or renounced the inheritance.
Tracing heirs with acceptance may take 2-3 days longer.

Our prices

Price list for single API calls

  • Heir tracing without acceptance € 24,00 + vat
  • Tracing heirs with acceptance € 48,00 + vat