LegalMail Hub

  • Openapi Activation: 24 Hours
  • Openapi starting from € 105,00 + vat

Legalmail HUB allows, in a simple and fast way, to carry out the activity of control of even a large number of CEM Legalmail boxes.

It is the solution designed for trade associations, practice agencies, professional firms and accountants who want to offer a PEC management service to their associates and clients.

Esempio LegalMail Hub

The main features of Legalmail HUB are the following ones:

  • Single control panel to monitor, activate and manage 50 or more Legalmail boxes at the same time
  • Immediate webmail consultation of the single Legalmail boxes
  • Possibility to activate, directly in the HUB, new Legalmail boxes
  • Simultaneous renewal of the HUB and the new boxes activated in the HUB
  • Reserved management of the access credentials to the boxes
  • Maintenance over time of all log services

Our prices

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